My First 24-Hour Fasting Experience

Photo by Oliver Sjöström on Unsplash
  • I didn’t feel hungry/ravenous/famished/starving at any point of time: Well, when I say I didn’t feel all those things, I mean that even though my stomach was making noises every so often, I didn’t feel like I had to eat. I just drank water and the noises go away
  • I couldn’t fall asleep easily: Like I said earlier, I think this is more about body adaptation. I think the next time I do a 24 hour fast, I’ll eat dinner and then fast till dinner the next day. This way I could go to bed after eating and avoid sleep deprivation.
  • I didn’t get an ulcer: Yes folks, I am completely ulcer free. In fact I feel awesome.



Aspiring Polymath

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